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D2V - System philosophy


- Lighting control devices in DMX format (D2V-DMX) or direct strip leds format - WS2812 protocol
(D2V-STRL) placed closest to the equipment to be controlled.

- Distributed intelligence (1 microcomputer integrated into each output of D2V-DMX and D2V-STRL).

- D2V modules can operate in standalone or cascading mode. In the latter case the upstream

device ("master ") such as a conductor, automatically distributes the effects to downstream devices ("slaves").

- A simulation software allows you to create animations from a library of pre-existing effects, memorize them in the relevant D2V modules and modify the parameters of these animations in real time.


This simulation software is hosted in the general control PC of the installation or any other existing PC, 
at the operator's discretion.

D2V - System architectures


Stripleds configurations

DMX configurations

ECO configurations

Stand-alone configurations

D2V - Material & Software offer

D2V offer

Material offer

Software offer


• Create animations from a library of pre-existing effects. Memorization in the concerned

modules and modification of the parameters in real time.

- Fixed Effects

- Chasers

- Stacks

- Sparkles

- Crossings

- Bubbles

- Static Effects

- Static Curtain

- Double Trace

- Highway

- Vu-Meters

- Flames

- Magic

- Static Magic

- Stop and Go

- Stop and Reverse

- Round trip

- Hourglass

- Cascade

- Storm ...

• Programming of operation in stand-alone configuration.

• Configuring modules by RDM.


from the number of rows and lengths information, determines:

- Choice of material

- Architecture of

the installation


Notice générale D2V

(french version)

D2V profits

D2V - Profits

Simplicity of storage

- 2 product references only.


Easy installation

- Integrates into the existing DMX network (lighting management network).

- Uses DMX lighting control system (console or software).

- Compatible with all control software and lighting consoles.


Simplicity of implementation

- 1 hardware configuration software that determines products and architecture from

just the number of lines and lengths.

- 1 simulation software with preprogrammed effects library.

- 1 "cascade" architecture to avoid the multiplication of redundant receiver settings

per receiver (automatic distribution of effects by the upstream D2V-DMX module

(master) to the D2V-DMX modules and / or D2V-STRL avals (slaves).

- Simple installation extensions.


"Stand-alone" opération possible (without additional computer).

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