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A revolution in lig

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And there was light!


Light is the original and fundamental energy of our universe.

It creates colors and tones.

It makes the representation that we have of the reality which surrounds us, until sometimes modifying it, amplifying it,

sublimating it. In some institutions it is the element that will make the difference.


Light at the heart of your performance

Nightclubs, dance halls, dancing bars, stage shows ... your ambition is to create, animate and master it with as much sophistication and simplicity as possible ...

Fundamental element of your difference, you expect a lighting control system that allows you to give free rein
to your creativity with ease.

This is the promise we make to you.

Light, to highlight your most beautiful advantages

Without being the key to the promise made to your customers, light is nevertheless a fundamental element of
the impression you will leave them.

See, appreciate, feel it allows to accentuate the pleasures, to emphasize the essential,

to bring the part of dream and mystery which is the charm of your establishments.

Faced with current market offers that most often combine sophistication and complexity,


Lighting Control

D2V by DMX2Vegas

Simplicity of storage

- 2 product references only.


Easy installation

- Integrates into the existing DMX network (lighting management network).

- Uses DMX lighting control system (console or software).

- Compatible with all control software and lighting consoles.


Simplicity of implementation


- 1 hardware configuration software that determines products and architecture from

just the number of lines and lengths.

- 1 simulation software with preprogrammed effects library.

- 1 "cascade" architecture to avoid the multiplication of redundant receiver settings

per receiver (automatic distribution of effects by the upstream D2V-DMX module

(master) to the D2V-DMX modules and / or D2V-STRL avals (slaves).

- Simple installation extensions.


"Stand-alone" opération possible (without additional computer).


Some of our references

Light at the heart of their Performance
Nightclubs / Dance halls / Dancing bars / Stage shows
Les Caves du Roy (83)
One of the most famous clubs whose central structure is animated by 50 branches.

Le bowling d'Echirolles (38)

An exceptional star of 40 branches over 12 meters in diameter with 6,000 DELs.


Le TED (69)

Another star of 40 branches for the daytime decor and the animation of the evenings.


La Tête dans les nuages (Paris)

The biggest Paris gaming room has adopted a 56-slab concept in motion managed

by a stand-alone D2V-DMX module.


Garden Ice Café Orléans (45)

The whole showcase animated by 40 branches of 2.5 meters.


Vianney en scène (tournée 2017-2018)

50 lanterns managed individually by D2V-DMX modules (WIFI version).

160 leds per lantern.

Casino LA MAMOUNIA (Marrakech)

An upscale casino decorated and totally animated by 5 DMX2VEGAS systems.

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